Hello and welcome to GLBThistory.com.

ORIGIN Because I am a pack-rat and saved almost every gay magazine, flyer, advertisement, trinkets, and anything else gay, I wanted to share it with those who remember and curious future generations. My original concept was a static html page with a synopsis of historical events. Unfortunately, the task was overwhelming and it stayed "static". Then I converted it to a "wiki", using software from WikiPedia. Unfortunately, the software is extremely complex and does not have a friendly interface. It was just too complicated for everyone, including me. The latest incarnation is a community photo and documents gallery in which anyone can comment and add information.

VISION Although it may evolve into something else, my vision of this website is that a gay history site should not just be politics, but include people, places, and events of all sorts.

History should include accounts of people that were there and reactions of people that were not there. Opinions should be a part of history as long as it is disclosed as opinion.

History should include not just the leaders or key people, but everyone. Events should include "incidents" at public places, private parties, and anything that included gay people or is (or was) of interest to gay people.

Personal photo collections are welcome and encouraged, as are scanned documents, ads, flyers, and whatever.

HELP WANTED Scanning and uploading documents, flyers, advertisements, newspaper articles, magazine articles, personal photos, and other memorabilia is a great contribution. Just as important is taking the time to share your memories.