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  • admin - Wednesday 23 March 2016 08:02
    By the way, he was a strikingly handsome man!
  • admin - Wednesday 23 March 2016 08:02
    Until 2008 I lived in Whitley Heights, just a few blocks from the Hollywood Spa, and was an infrequent client. The Compound was one of my favorite places and I met my current partner there on June 28, 1987. Just recently I met the former owner of the Serpant 8 Club at a social gathering and heard some great stories, possibly about me!
  • admin - Wednesday 23 March 2016 08:01
    Here is info from the man that posted the photo. "This is John Ferry who owned and ran the Hollywood Spa that was located at 1650 Ivar Ave. It closed in 2014. The photo of John was taken in the entrance to the spa. John moved to the Bay Area and seems to have disappeared or is just laying low. He was a good friend and a great guy. John and I went to Sacramento for the inauguration of Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi."
  • Ray - Tuesday 22 September 2015 11:55
    Photo taken May of 2012